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 Fabric Fat Quarter Grab Bag Bundle

Fat Quarter Grab Bag Bundle... We're overstocked with fat quarters, so you get a great buy on a bundle of 8! 

Picture is representative only, selection will vary over time and according to availability.

All fabrics stored and cut in my smoke-free shop.

Price: $6.99

Did You Know: 
From a Fat Quarter 18 x 22 You Can Get: 

99     2 Inch Squares......56 2.5 Inch Squares 
42     3 Inch Squares......30 3.5 Inch Squares 
20     4 Inch Squares......16 4.5 Inch Squares 
12     5 Inch Squares......12 5.5 Inch Squares 
9     6 Inch Squares.......6 6.5 Inch Squares 
Order online or give us a call at (330) 889-9935 if you have any questions about
our mystery grab bag of fabric! Scrap fabric box is not whole yards of fabric, it is smaller squares, 
long skinny pieces left over from the cutting of clothing or blankets, could be wide scrap pieces
that were used to make a valance, it is very random. This fabric is best used for trims, making
a quilt, and the like.

 Fabric Grab Bag
Our fabric scraps keep piling up, and we are getting run out of our shop. It's time to run our ever popular Fabric Grab Bag of fabric! It's a mystery of what you will get, it's a real cliffhanger waiting for your surprise fabric box to arrive on your doorstep, and think of the pure joy you will have when you open your box of mystery fabric!

                    *Colors, patterns, textures, will all vary
                    *You get a box filled with scrap fabric that we don't use any more
                    * Lots of long and skinny pieces pile up around here, the length
                      of a comforter!
                    *All fabric is 100% cotton  
                    *Some are fun designs 
Price: $9.99
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